Customer Registration:

You can Log in on the home page by submitting the required details. There are two types Log in

1) Customer (like individual or want to order less than 300 GBP) price is including VAT , For Non VAT registered customer.

2) Wholesale Customer (Like pharmacy, shops or other business). Price is Excluding VAT. The UK Wholesale customer must be VAT registered.

THE CUSTOMER is responsible of data provided veracity, exempting PERFUME WORLD from damages caused by the inaccuracy or falsity of provided data.

General sales conditions:

The purchases made through PerfumeWorlds involve the acceptance of the General Sales Conditions.

The minimum order value for Wholesale Customer is £300 (in products).

The minimum order value for the rest of World is £1200.

There is no minimum unit per item. There is no minimum order for local individual customer

MTO (made to order) orders are based on purchases of £1200 but in case they do not reach this minimum value, their delivery will be conditional to be completed from our online catalogue prior expedition.

Payment Methods:

Payment methods are credit card, bank transfer or other payment methods accorded with PERFUME WORLD.

For Credit Card we accept VISA and MASTERCARD with no additional charge.

The property of the merchandise will belong to PERFUME WORLD until the full payment of the same

IMPORTANT: If the payment of the order is not processed by the customer within the next 3 days after receiving the confirmation, PERFUME WORLD will automatically cancel the booking of the products.

Product Catalogue:

The customer will access the product’s catalogue offer by PERFUME WORLD with his login and password.

Price of each product is per unit. It doesn’t include the shipping cost or any other additional cost.

The product may have different packaging from the one in the picture. The product pictures are periodically updated.

PERFUME WORLD daily updates its references and prices.

The website will indicate the stock availability of each requested reference, at the time of order recording.

However, the current stock of each product will be that which exists at the time of acceptance of the order by PERFUME WORLD, as provided in the following point.

The availability of the items should be constantly updated online (every hour).

In case of discrepancies due to stock rupture, PERFUME WORLD will immediately notify the customers for their new approval of the updated order.

Order Cancellation:

The order cancellation is not possible after the order validated by PERFUME WORLD

If there are some items not available from the side of supplier, it is not a reason for whole cancellation of the order once placed.

Withdrawal in online purchases only applies to the final consumer, not to merchants, so withdrawal is not a reason for cancelling the order.

If you send us a special instruction for part or whole cancellation, there is fee of 30 GBP per order. (PERFUME WORLD can refund the amount of the order except the 30 GBP of logistic cost).


This contract and all communications between the parties derived from the execution thereof will be considered confidential.

Therefore, the parties are prohibited from disclosing said communications to third parties, unless expressly authorized. All this without prejudice to the obligation to provide information by legal imperative

This confidentiality clause will remain in force until the two years following the termination of the contract.

Data Protection Policy:

The data provided on the registration forms by the client implies acceptance of this Data Protection Policy

The data collected through PerfumeWorlds will be incorporated into an automated personal data file made in order to manage the relationship with users and customers according to the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data. The owner of said file is PERFUME WORLD.

By accepting the terms of this Data Protection Policy, you expressly consent that we use the data provided to send you information about PerfumeWorlds that may be of interest to you.

The personal data provided will be kept indefinitely, as long as the deletion of the same is not requested by the user.

At any time you can ask us to stop sending this information, without having to cancel your personal data.

Users may exercise their rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation in compliance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Data, by means of an email to

Intellectual Property Protection:

The content of this website is owned by PERFUME WORLD Intellectual Property legislation gives it the exclusive rights to such content

Therefore, PERFUME WORLD prohibits partial or total use to third parties, unless otherwise agreed in writing in this regard.

Consequently, the total or partial reproduction, by any physical or electronic means, of the content of this website is expressly prohibited

PERFUME WORLD shall take all appropriate legal means for preventing unauthorized use of the content of the website PerfumeWorlds.