Any incident must be reported to PERFUME WORLD After Sales Department within 48 hours of receiving the order, by email to:, providing the order or invoice number, EAN/BARCODE of the affected product and units, as well as photographs that shows the issue.


The claims will not be accepted after this period. These incidents include any discrepancy in the quantity or quality of the merchandise received. Without any communication, it will be understood that THE CUSTOMER received the satisfactory the merchandise. PERFUME WORLD will issue a credit note (corrective invoice), if applicable, for merchandise not received or damaged. In case of receiving unordered merchandise, THE CLIENT must notify PERFUME WORLD for its return.


The CUSTOMER is required to follow our reception instructions for any discrepancy with the order received.


Instructions for reception of the goods

-  External inspection of the packages received:

  • Verify the general state of them (without knocks, damage, broken seals, holes in boxes or any other damage that could cause breakage inside the package). Write down on the copy of the carrier´s delivery note any anomaly, including the number of packages and the status of the packaging.
  • Check that the strapping and/or security seal is in good condition (no tampering).
  • Weigh the packages and take a photo on the scale (individually, to check because the weight of each package appears on our labels).
  • Sign the delivery note, writing down any anomaly that has been detected along with the signature and always indicating on the note "REVISION QUANTITY/ QUALITY PENDING" and keeping the copy in case there has been any incident inside.

-Internal review of the goods:

  • Take pictures of each step of the process whenever an incident is detected and has been observed on the delivery note to be able to claim to the carrier.
  • Photograph of the internal packaging with the products inside with protective paper.

In the case of INCIDENT with the order received, the customer must:  

  • Send email to
  • Indicate the PERFUME WORLD order number in the E-mail subject: XXX.. 
  • In the body of the e-mail, please send the list of affected products ( EAN code + units).
  • You must include the following pictures:
    • Picture of the affected package.
    • Picture of the damaged item.



If the claim is accepted by our customer service, we will proceed to issue a credit note corresponding to the returned item/items.  


The customer can deduct the balance from the payment of the next order made by bank transfer, specifying the order number and the credit note number discounted  


If the payment was made by credit card, the amount will be directly refunded to the card with which the payment was made.  


In the event that you want us to return the amount by bank transfer, we ask you please to notify us by sending a request to our e-mail address, indicating at the E-mail subject the order number XXX... and send us the information about the bank account number (IBAN number and SWIFT) to which you want us to make the transfer.